Tuesday, 16 April 2024
Staff Email

Special Duties Department

The Special Duties Department was established by the Federal Government (Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation) and saddled with the responsibilities of coordinating the activities of the Permanent Secretary’s Office.


The functions of the Department are:

  1. Assist the Permanent Secretary, as required, to formulate and articulate his/her leadership agenda for the Ministry
  2. Provide secretarial services to high-level meetings of the Permanent Secretary;
  3. Coordinate the Permanent Secretary’s response to emergencies;
  4. Schedule all staff meetings and briefings involving the Permanent Secretary;
  5. Coordinate the daily briefing sessions of the Permanent Secretary’s official schedule;
  6. Represent the Permanent Secretary in certain functions; and
  7. Cordinate the activities of Units under the Permanent Secretary’s office such as:
    1. Stock Verification Unit,
    2. ACTU Unit,
    3. Press and Public Relation Unit, and
    4. Protocol Unit.


  1. Effectively coordinated the office of the Permanent Secretary of Aviation (PSA)
  2. Successfully facilitated PSA meetings with the staff, Agencies and other stakeholders
  3. Represented the Permanent Secretary in some important functions
  4. Served as the Secretariat to high level meetings of the PSA
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