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Air Transport Management Department

The Department is charged with the responsibility of formulating and Monitoring Government Polices and Programmes in the area of Air Transportation within and outside the country.


The functions of the Department are:

  • Responsible for establishment of direct air link between Nigeria and foreign countries;
  • Regulating the operations of both foreign and domestic airlines;
  • Monitoring the implementation of Bilateral and Multilateral Air Services Agreement (BASA and MASA) in collaboration with the NCAA, NAMA, and FAAN;
  • Negotiating and reviewing new and subsisting Air Services Agreements in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Monitoring pool and commercial agreements between designated carriers of other countries especially on regular payment of royalties;
  • Relating with international organizations to which Nigeria belongs namely ICAO,IATA, etc;
  • Processing applications from airline operators for importation of aircraft, Licenses/Permits in liaison with Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) such as ATL, AOP, PNCF;
  • Monitoring the activities and operations of domestic airlines to ensure strict compliance with the privileges and conditions of their licenses in line with existing laws as well as international standards;
  • Processing application for de-registration, acquisition and disposal of aircraft;
  • Conducting periodic inspections of the nation’s airports to ensure allied service and qualitative services to their customers;
  • Mediating on matters affecting service providers and airline operators in the areas of travel and tours, indebtedness, ground handling; and
  • Coordinating, monitoring and supervising activities of Airfreight stakeholders as it relates to cargo services and other airfreight activities in conjunction with Airfreight Stakeholders’ Forum (ASF).


  1. Renegotiated/reviewed BASA with Ethiopia, Namibia, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, Hungary, Iceland, Australia, Malta, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Spain, Guyana, Cote D’ivoire, U.A.E, Germany, Qatar, and China
  2. Improvement in Bilateral Air services relations in the Aviation subsector through participation at Joint Commission Meetings with South Africa, Niger, Chad, Botswana, Russia, Germany, Iran, Brazil, Poland, Cameroon, Kenya and Pakistan
  3. Signing of BASA with Peoples Republic of China
  4. Approvals were granted for the importation of 164 various types of aircraft into the country
  5. Processed security clearances for Airline Operators for Licenses/Permits through the Office of Secretary to the Government of the Federation (OSGF).
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