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General Services Department

The General Services Department is a Service Department created in the year 2014 by the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation (OHCSF) vide Circular Ref No: HCSF/CMO/EM/243/17 dated 11th March, 2014. The Department is structured into two (2) Divisions:


The Department is structured into two (2) Divisions: The Maintenance & General Services Divisions. The functions of the department are presented on a divisional basis:

  1. Maintenance Division
    • Maintenance Services
    • Facility Management
    • Plant and Equipment Management
    • Office Allocation
  2. General Services Division
    • Transport Administration
    • Utility Services (Telephones, PABX, Electricity Bills, e.tc.)
    • Stores Management
    • Security


  1. Fumigation, Deratization and decontamination of the Ministry’s offices.
  2. Installation of workstations in some offices within the Ministry
  3. Installation of 7Nos (seven) Notice Boards at strategic places in the Ministry to enable staff have easy access to information.
  4. Adequate supply and distribution of stationeries items and computer consumables to offices/Departments of the Ministry.
  5. Identification of the Ministry’s offices/ Re-arrangement of offices along Departmental lines within the Federal Secretariat Complex
  6. Provision of Handwash stations/ installation of automatic hand sanitizing equipment at strategic locations within the Ministry
  7. Installation of Fire extinguishers at strategic places in the ministry
  8. Installation of official telephone land lines between the Ministry and other MDAs as well as its agencies/
  9. Installation of Intercoms for ease communication.
  10. Repair/installation of Air conditioners in some Ministry’s offices
  11. Repair of plumbing facilities in some Ministry’s offices and toilets.
  12. Replacement of fluorescent tubes, fitting in some offices is completed
  13. Installation of protective burglary proofs in the Ministry’s offices
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