Thursday, 22 February 2024
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Legal Services Unit

The Legal Services Unit is in charge of representating the Ministry in all legal matters. It is manned by lawyers who are posted from the Federal Ministry of Justice. The Unit reports to the Permanent Secretary.


The Department performs the following:

  1. Handling litigation in court and matters before Arbitration Panels;
  2. Rendering legal advice/opinion on any matter with legal connotation referred to the Department from the Ministry and all its Agencies;
  3. Preparation and vetting of legal instruments, conducting Searches,investigation of titles and liaison with regulatory agencies on issues concerning the Ministry and its Agencies;
  4. Participation in negotiations, preparation and vetting of contract agreements and memoranda of understanding;
  5. Liaising with the Federal Ministry of Justice on behalf of FMA and its Agencies;
  6. Liaising with the National Assembly on pending Bills affecting the Aviation Sector;
  7. Liaising with other governmental bodies on behalf of the Ministry especially on legal issues;
  8. Proposing legislative amendments and preparation of draft bills for the vetting of the Hon. Attorney-General of the Federation; and
  9. Attendance at Boards, Committees, such as Procurement Planning Committee, Ministerial Tenders Board or other meetings as the need arises.


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