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Human Resources Management Department

The Human Resources Management department is responsible for the efficient and effective management of human and material resources of the Ministry.


The Department is made up of two divisions: Appointment, Promotion & Discipline and Staff Welfare & Training. The functions of the Departments are presented on divisional basis.

A. Appointment, Promotion & Discipline Division

The Division is composed of the Promotion, Appointment and Discipline Branches with the following Units:- IPPIS – Integrated, Personnel Pay Information System(IPPIS), Manpower Budget & Establishment, Records Section and Registry .

B. Staff Welfare Trainng (SW & T) Division

The Division is made up of Staff Welfare and Training Sections.


  1. Documentation of 54 Senior Staff appointed by the FCSC and deployed to the Ministry
  2. Documentation of over 50 Officers deployed to the Ministry from the OHCSF, OAGF & BPP
  3. Supervised the 2013 & 2014 Promotion exercise of NIMET, FAAN & NCAT
  4. Held the Senior Staff Committee in December 2014
  5. Conducted the promotion exercises of the Junior and Senior Staff of the Ministry in 2014
  6. Processed retirement benefits of 14 Officers in 2014
  7. Resuscitated the Ministry’s Sports Club
  8. Participated and won laurels at FEPSGA monthly Sports in May and June 2014
  9. Paid 1st 28 days in lieu of Hotel Accommodation to staff
  10. Prompt processing of Group Life Insurance claims to the family of deceased staff
  11. Conducted tests on blood pressure, sugar level and glucose for 200 staff of the Ministry through Magnacarta Health Care
  12. Handled the following Labour matters:
  13. A mediation meeting was held on the 16th September, 2014 between the Management of Federal Ministry of Aviation, FAAN, NAMA, NCAA and the Officials of the three Aviation Unions (NUATE, ATSSSAN, NAAPE) at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity
  14. Initiated an in-house intervention process to address the dispute on non-payment of full training allowance by Management of NAMA to the Air Traffic Controllers
  15. Conducted staff trainings
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