Thursday, 30 May 2024
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Internal Audit Department

The Department is directly responsible to the Permanent Secretary for the detailed audit of the books, accounts and other records and the review of the internal control that is put in place.The Department is made up of two Divisions:i) Prepayment/System Audit Division; andii) Budget Monitoring/Forensic Audit.


The main functions of the Internal Audit Department include:

  1. Prepayment audit of vouchers;
  2. Preparation of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and yearly progress reports;
  3. Periodic survey of store items;
  4. Audit monitoring of Accounts and Books of parastatals and Agencies under the Ministry;
  5. Revenue audit and monitoring;
  6. Ensuring the auditing of Financial Returns (Monthly Transcripts of Accounts, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Revenue and Expenditure Returns) other Statutory returns and that the returns are promptly rendered to the Treasury in line with the extant rules and regulations; and
  7. Liaising with the Accountant-General from time to time in the interpretation of the provisions of the Financial Regulations and other Treasury circulars where necessary.


  1. Prepared, evaluated and obtained approval of the Permanent Secretary for Audit Work Programme
  2. Prepared and submitted Monthly Progress Reports’
  3. Monitored the Parastatals Accounts and notified Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of observations for corrective action
  4. Concluded the Personnel Audit of the Ministry Headquarters and its Agencies
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